Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Villarreal - FC Bayern: Let us have some fun

After writing a preview for the game and reading one from VillarrealUSA,  another from a Bayern fan and reading a whole lot in the press. I have realised this.
  1. Nobody gives us a chance. 
  2. We are either supposed to fight for the 3rd place or most likely finish 4th
It may be true. We do not have the star players like Bayern or Napoli. We certainly don't have the combination of the squad depth and star power that Manchester City has. This is a very tough group even for those teams. There will be no easy games, except those people are expecting to play against us, apparently.

In a situation like this, being an underdog has its positives. You are not expected to do good. That should take a lot of pressure off of the team. Unlike the favorites who are expected to win and advance. We have to use this to our advantage.

Keys to the game - I hope Garrido will read this before the game:
  1. Forget about points, qualification to the next round etc., because at the bottom of it all it is just one game. You may win, draw or lose, simple as that.
  2. Play our game
  3. Concentrate and cut down on errors
  4. Let us have fun play football against one of the historic teams in Europe. We don't get this opportunities every year.
As for the fans, enjoy the occasion. As you know me, I so wish I could be there at El Madrigal today. Support our team, be LOUD.

Sometimes, reminding ourselves of what we are capable of before embarking on a difficult mission is not a bad idea.

E N D A V A N  T       V I L L A R R E A L

Remember this? It was us. :-) #VAMOSSUBMARINO

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